The film presents one of the most fascinating and popular abstract painters of our times. Sean Scully is shown painting a new picture, GREY WOLF. The process of painting is accompanied by Scully's biographical tales and reflections when he talks about the complicated relationship with his parents, the disaster that was his childhood and his past as a member of an Irish street gang in London. And about his overwhelming ambition to become an artist and his troublesome path to recognition and success. Alongside the artist's own reflections on his past we accompany him to the opening of a major retrospective in Barcelona and see him as a teacher with his students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. With rare openness, Scully tells about his traumata and backlashes as well as about the exciting creative process and the closeness to failure. It is the portrait of a man who, against all obstacles, has followed his own artistic creed: "Art comes from need".