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  • Sean Scully to have first show in Switzerland in nearly a decade

    Anny Shaw,

    &quot;The Dublin-born painter Sean Scully is to have his first show in Switzerland in almost a decade, opening next month at the neo-classical Forum Paracelsus in St Moritz, which ... read more

  • Pablo Picasso’s Former Studio in an 18th-Century French Château Will Host an Exhibition

    Stefanie Waldek,

    “When I walked into Boisgeloup, I found that I couldn’t exhibit in the house because it’s coming from another time, another world. I preferred the rougher spaces,” says Scully... read more

  • Sean Scully comes back to Ireland to be honoured in his birthplace

    Richard Purden,

    “I’m coming to a very emotional place,” he says of his visit to Richmond Barracks while nodding to the transformative power of people and place “these can become places for ch... read more

  • A beautiful exhibition of a magnificent painter: Sean Scully at the National Gallery reviewed

    Martin Gayford,

    Encountering a room of Scullys you might think: ‘Oh, a lot of stripes and squares’. But if you look at one for a while it takes you over. Like the teenage painter spending his... read more

  • Sea Star — Sean Scully review: Colour is the winner in this elegant wrestle with Turner’s legacy

    Ben Luke,

    In three rooms we see Scully pushing and pulling surface and depth in dense pastels, exquisitely watery aquatint and spitbite prints, and vast paintings, where he continues to... read more

  • 'Turner gets his cobwebs blown away' – Sea Star: Sean Scully review

    Jonathan Jones,

    Sean Scully’s work has been placed alongside a much-misunderstood seascape by Turner. The result is a fascinating exhibition full of insight, power and glorious melting colour... read more

  • Sean Scully: Architecture Of The Sublime

    Edward Lucie-Smith,

    Increasingly Post Modern art is in thrall to previous information. You have to know something, quite often something rather obscure and confined to your own little cultural ne... read more

  • SEAN SCULLY with David Carrier

    David Carrier- The Brooklyn Rail,

    Sometimes the lives of artists and art writers are linked together in mutually fruitful and revealing ways. When I started out writing about visual art, thirty-seven years ago... read more

  • Architect Luis Barragán's Mexican Modernist Masterpiece to Host Its First Art Exhibition

    Elizabeth Fazzare- Architectural Digest,

    For the first time, architect Luis Barragán's pink-walled masterwork of Mexican modernism is open to the public—as a gallery space. Cuadra San Cristóbal, built by Barragán in ... read more

  • Earning His Stripes

    Spear's - Anthony Haden-Guest,

    &quot;Sean Scully has a deep emotional attachment to his art, so he has no time for the coolness of today's abstraction...&quot; read more

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