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  • The building that went for a walk

    Kelly Grovier,

    An historic structure in China is being moved 90m to allow development. Kelly Grovier asks whether we can ever truly preserve the past. read more

  • Sean Scully’s hymn to high art in Spain

    Claire Wrathall,

    Close to the summit of Montserrat, the serrated mountain that rises 1,200m an hour’s drive north-west of Barcelona, on a northern slope overlooking the majestic Marganell vall... read more

  • Sean Scully's art helps complete 10-year restoration of Spanish monastery

    Hannah Ellis-Petersen ,

    In the thousand years that the Santa Cecilia de Montserrat monastery has stood on the hills overlooking Barcelona, set against jagged towering rocks that rise like giant’s fin... read more

  • Gillian Wearing picks her top art, design and architecture events

    Taking over the entire Himalayas Museum, Sean Scully does something that has not been attempted before: a career-length exhibition of a western abstract artist in China. His e... read more

  • Sean Scully Readies His First Major Exhibition in China

    Mary M. Lane,

    Irish-American artist Sean Scully, 69, has some health advice for older fathers: if you engage in trampoline jumping with your progeny, watch your back. read more

  • artnet Asks: Sean Scully

    artnet News,

    Sean Scully's striped and checkered abstractions are a familiar sight to most in the art world. But, the Irish painter wasn't always a foe of form. In his early practice, figu... read more

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