David Carrier - Extreme Painting Today: Five Abstract Artists

Welcome to our exhibition in North Dublin. Walking through the new galleries on the second floor of the Hugh Lane Gallery, what a pleasure it is to see Ruth Root’s very flat horizontal pictures. Her reflective surfaces look great in this natural lighting. When then we look across the room to Seán Shanahan’s vertical panels, is it not surprising to note the dramatically different way that his color seems to be physically inside the pictures. With their graceful arcs and varied designer colors, Root’s paintings on aluminum come from a different world than his matte rectangles of Medium Density Fiberboard. In the next galleries do contrast the painterly brushwork on Carmengloria Morales’s Tondos with the Sean Scully’s severe stripes. His oils are painted in horizontal or vertical strokes, while her wonderfully vulgar acrylic pigment, which has a rough texture, is applied at angles. Finally, we get to the room with Frederick Thursz’s massive panels, which embody a very different aesthetic.